On creative breakthroughs, from conscious entrepreneur Calvin Corelli:

You know these periods that you go through, where you’re not sure where you’re going or why. The thing you were working so hard on or for just yesterday now leaves you drained. The thing you used to be excited about now leaves you cold.I think it’s normal to go through these periodically.

… I think it’s important to let these things run their course. They’re part and parcel of creative life. If you’re creative, you’re going to have these periods where your priorities and desires and meaning shifts. It’s what tees you up for the next creative burst.

… Whenever friends reveal to me that they’re in a crisis of meaning (they don’t typically use those words, but it’s easy to spot), I always celebrate. It’s life-affirming. It literally is new life breaking through.

… You have to pause and question your beliefs in order for the new subtler layer to surface. Your current belief system, your insistence on what you know is right and wrong, who you are, and who you’re not, is what’s holding that creative force back. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Love it.

Source: News from Simplero: Love Your Crisis of Meaning – Simplero Denmark