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Lincoln, Nebraska EOS Implementer

You’ve worked hard to build a profitable business in Lincoln, Nebraska.

You are a leader in the community we both love. You create jobs. You should be proud of your success.

BUT! You’re frustrated with spinning your wheels. Lately, it seems you’re pushing harder on the gas pedal, working longer hours, and not seeing the business results you want. You’re spending too much time at work, too little time with your family, and not enjoying the work itself.

Your frustrations:

  1. Your people. You’re not all on the same page, and certainly not rowing in the same direction.
  2. Your profit. There’s not enough of it—though it seems you’re pushing harder than you ever have before!
  3. Your control. It seems like your business owns you.
  4. Your growth. Your business has hit a ceiling, and so (seemingly) have you, no matter what you’ve tried.
  5. Your solutions. Your people roll their eyes these days at change initiatives because strategy shifts and quick fixes haven’t seemed to work.

You’re spinning your wheels, and you need traction.

What I Do:

I help business owners in Lincoln, Nebraska (and 90 miles around!) stop spinning their wheels and get more profit, enjoyment from their work, and time with their families.

Services I Provide:

✔ Install a simple Entrepreneurial Operating System that optimizes the six elements of your business.
✔ Eliminate business frustration and renew your energy, focus, and passion.
✔ Coach you and your leadership team, simultaneously.

  • Source: Traction by Gino Wickman

Next Steps:

▶ Listen to Get A Grip: How to Get Everything You Want from Your Entrepreneurial Business by Gino Wickman at 1.5x or 2x speed. Do this while you’re exercising. (Win win!)
▶ Decide to self-implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System or get help operating it.
▶ If you want help implementing it, message me on LinkedIn, email me at john@johnfulwider.com, or call me at (402) 608-1608.

To your success!